Translation Solutions

Tired of non-native speaker translations, and I dare say, ‘Denglisch’? Time to hire a native English speaker and professional translator with proven industry experience?

I provide high-quality translations from German into English, my native language. Don’t just take my word for it, simply request a sample translation or a trial offer in the form of a brief, paid test translation today. Below you will find a list of my specialisations. It is not exhaustive and I would be happy to advise you on other areas, such as financial or medical translation, and offer these services through experienced partners wherever possible.

Please note that British English is used as standard, but US American English can be provided upon request.


Software, job advertisements, food and fashion.


Austrian and Swiss skiing holidays, eco-hotels and restaurants etc.


Life sciences and pharma

Social Science

Sociology and cultural anthropology

Renewable Energy & Sustainability

Legal & Semi-legal

Employment and supplier contracts, terms and conditions, data protection, wills, tax

Type of text

Websites, advertisements, brochures, news articles, blogs and other journalistic texts, academic reports, business correspondence such as letters and emails, user manuals, guidelines and expert reports